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CSGOEmpire is among the more popular CSGO Roulette sites and offers other betting games such as CSGO Coinflip. Players can deposit to the site using skins, real money, or cryptocurrency. In exchange, players are given coins that can be used to place wagers on games or even participate in some CSGOEmpire match betting. Aside from depositing to your account, there are other ways for players to get coins. CSGOEmpire has giveaways and various promotions such as coin rain where registered users can claim free coins. Despite all this, there are occasionally times that a player might find themselves with no coins to gamble with. CSGOEmpire has a nice feature that allows players to tip other users. What this means is that you can actually send coins to other users on the site. This is a popular feature that many other CSGO betting sites don’t offer. Tipping coins is done via the CSGOEmpire chat area. You can type “/tip” in the chat area to see the proper format for sending tips. As a user, you will have to deposit at least one time to your account before you can chat and to tip you must have deposited a total of 50 coins or more.

Tipping Coins to Other Users

So maybe you have a friend on the site that has already claimed and used their CSGOEmpire free case and other bonuses and their deposit hasn’t cleared. Now you want to know how to tip on CSGOEmpire so you can send them coins to help them out. The process to tip is quite simple. You will need to be logged in and chat will have to be open. As mentioned above to chat you will have to have made at least one deposit. In the chat area type in “/tip @ <Steam ID64><Amount>”. The Steam ID64 should be for the user that you want to send the tip to. The amount should be the amount you want to send the user in numbers. For example, you would type the following “/tip @ 56781189054427508 1.11”. Obviously you will need to know the Steam ID64 of the user before you can send them a tip.

CSGOEmpire has some rules regarding chat and tipping. They discourage users from constantly asking for free coins in chat. If requests for coins to be sent are too excessive the user will be muted in chat and their ability to receive tips will be blocked. Another thing CSGOEmpire frowns on is users offering predictions for tips. Users who do this will also find themselves muted in chat and their ability to receive tips blocked. Tipping is a nice feature and players shouldn’t abuse it or it will be taken away.

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