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Most of us are born without a silver spoon and have experienced struggling to find free things in games since birth.

However, Counter-Strike lovers know how much of a daunting task it is to find free stuff. And that is why we are here after hunting down the four best and most legit ways that you can get free skins in CS:GO, smoothly and free of charge.As hard as it is to believe, it is a fact that in January 2018, Dragon Lore Skin for the AWP was sold for approximately $61k. Although most of the skins are nowhere near that price, you now know how much their prices can spike up and how difficult it is for a teen Counter-Strike lover to afford them. Knowing the above, it is all the more necessary to learn about all the legit and free ways we can get our hands on CS:GO skins. There is a great website to get CS:GO skin known as CSGO Empire. You will need a good CSGO Empire strategy to win and earn skins as it is a gambling website. You can also get your hands on a CSGO Empire free coins code which will let you earn CS:GO skins quickly and smartly.

For the safest non-gambling websites, there are five ways to get skins in CSGO.

How to Get Free CS: GO Skins

  • Through Playing

The best, simplest, and most obvious way is to play for yourself and earn free CS:GO skins. After playing every game, you get a drop, meaning that you get a free skin or a new case. Throughout the week you can get your hands on the different kinds of drops that encourage and motivate players to carry on playing.

  • Operation Missions

Operations are purchasable DLCs that are created from exclusive official content. Players with access to operations missions are mostly given diverse tasks that land them stars as a reward for the completion of those tasks. Those stars can then be redeemed for an operation case or a weapon skin drop. However, tracking to see if a player has completed a task or not can only be detected by an official matchmaking server. Only once a match has been completed will your mission status be updated, so do not look out for the respective update during the match. All of the mission operations will be wiped out once the operation has reached its deadline.

  • Weekly Drops

Players can only get up to four drops from Tuesday or Wednesday throughout the week, depending on the area the player is located. One of the four is received when an upper level is achieved, while the other three are randomly awarded throughout the week of playing the game. The drop received is completely random, so players should be ready to accept a diverse number of different things; however, the first drop received in a week is always a skin.

  • Giveaways

This is one of the best ways to get free skin in Counter-Strike: Global Offense. You can earn one for free through giveaways that can be done across different platforms, like social media. A player will be required to complete a task to join one and become a part of it. The task could be as simple as liking a post or commenting and signing up. The best ones a player should join are those of Twitch streamers, held by small communities, and YouTube content creators, along with in-game communities.

  • Through Tournaments

Not all tournaments land you a free skin on playing, but the ones that have a prize after completion are called ‘prized tournaments’. Keep an eye out for those respective tournaments and dodge the ‘prize free’ ones. Although a few of the prized tournaments require you to pay a small amount in order to enter it, there are also ones that do not require such a thing. Look out for them and take notice of the requirements before entering a prized tournament. There is one called ‘challenger mode’ which is one of the typical examples of tournaments that have free entry as well as prizes featuring free skins. Other than the above-mentioned ways, there are CSGO gambling sites that can land you CS:GO skins if you play smart and win.

How to Make CS: GO Skins

Skins you make must be added officially on the respective platform in order for people to purchase and use them in the game. Having one photo editing application is important before you start working on making a skin. A few of the applications you can use are Photoshop CS6 Extended, GIMP, VtfEdit, and notepad. Once you have the application, follow the steps listed below to pull the task off.

  • Finding the Required Weapon Files 

Look for a weapon file in an accessory store, then find the relevant TGA and OBJ files. Skins get the actual texture from UV sheets offered by TGA, and OBJ offers a 3D model of the skin.

  • Start Working on the Texture 

With the support of the TGA file, map your skin texture. In the OBJ file, click on ‘edit texture’. This will help you to see how the texture will look in real-time.

  • Create the Texture 

At this stage, you have already done more than half of the work; now is the time for completion. Just fill in the colors (do not forget to put in a base color first) and, after you are done, save the file as a TGA.

  • VTF and Notepad 

Import the file to VtfEdit. Save it as a VTF file. The final file for the workshop should be in the text. Find your text file on the Steam Workshop page.

  • Final Step 

Finalize the work in CS:GO workbench. To do this, upload the file and have a look at how it appears in the game. Once satisfied, save the file to the workbench and submit it.

How to Sell the CS:GO Skin

To sell your customized skin, you will need to look for a reputable selling platform. Here’s how you can sell the skin:

  • Clear Vision of Your Expectation

Know your expectations and objectives. Do you want something in particular in return, or are just disposing of the extra skin you have that you no longer need? Bear in mind that you won’t earn a lot of money if the reason for your selling is the latter one.

If you plan on getting a lot of money by selling your CS:GO skin, make sure it stands out and is unique and elegant.

  • Determine How You Want to Sell Your Product

Before you actually sell your CS:GO skin, you need to set your mind on how you wish to sell it. What we mean by this is that you can either sell your custom-built skin through an auction or through a bot. You will need to be registered if you want to sell your CS:GO skin at an auction. The positive side of the auction is that you will have multiple potential buyers willing to buy your skin at the price you want. You can even get a price higher than what you expected depending on the person who is willing to bid highest. To eliminate the chances of being duped, make sure that the platform you are choosing is free of scams and is a reputable one. If you are wondering about the negative side of auctions, then here goes: it is vital for someone to be interested in your product in order for the bidding to start. Selling through bots gives you a faster route to acquiring the outcomes that you plan on achieving, but there is always a potential risk of your skins selling at an extremely low price. The bots will, in actuality, purchase your skins at low prices to later sell at higher prices. Although the price is low, if you’re looking for a few quick dollars, selling through bots is the best way.

  • Putting Your Skin on Sale

If you are selling an in-game skin, you will be required to sell it through the game, but you will need a good selling platform if it is a custom-built skin you’re planning to sell. Selling through websites by Skin Wallet only requires three steps. The Steam workshop on the Skin Wallet website will help you upload the skin, log in to the site, and type in your Steam Trade URL. This will help you evaluate your skin. Choose the custom-made skin that you want to sell from the inventory and cash out your earnings via PayPal when sold.

Wrapping Up

These are the best ways to sell your custom-made skins and earn through them. Always beware of frauds and scams while selling your skin through an online platform and make sure you choose a platform with a reputable image. Sell a skin that looks unique and stands out amongst others. This will get your custom-made skin to sell in an instant.

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