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A matter of some concern to players on CSGO Roulette sites and other betting websites is the ability to withdraw winnings from their accounts. Users at CSGOEmpire are no different. They want to know what methods are available to withdraw, how long it will take, how difficult it will be, and what steps to take if there is a glitch in the withdrawal process. You can withdraw from CSGOEmpire even if you haven’t placed any wagers as long as you have made a deposit worth at least 1 coin. Skins claimed using CSGOEmpire free case codes may be exchanged for coins or withdrawn directly.

CSGOEmpire Bitcoin Withdraw

The help section at CSGOEmpire states that users can withdraw from their account using the cryptocurrencies Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) as long as the amount to be withdrawn is 250 coins or higher. However, if you go to the “Withdraw” section the only cryptocurrency method available for withdrawal is Ethereum with a minimum withdrawal amount being 10 coins. To withdraw ETH click “Withdraw” and select Ethereum from the options provided. Enter the Ethereum address you want to withdraw to and the amount to withdraw in the appropriate fields. Click the “Request Withdrawal” button. Ethereum withdrawals are sent instantly.

How to Withdraw Skins from CSGOEmpire

The most common method used to take winnings from CSGO Coinflip and other games on CSGOEmpire is skins via Steam. In order to deposit and withdraw skins, your Steam Inventory should be set to “Public” and you will have to provide your Steam Trade URL. You can withdraw CSGO skins as well as items from Rust, DOTA2, and H1Z1. To withdraw skins click “Withdraw” and select the type of skin/item you would like to withdraw. CSGO items fall into 2 categories. These are CSGO (Instant) and CSGO (Trade-Locked). CSGO (Instant) skins may be withdrawn immediately. There will be a delay when withdrawing Trade-Locked items. If the time of the trade-lock is under 7 days the skin is already owned by the site and you will be notified to send a trade offer to a provided link as soon as the trade-lock expires. CSGO items with an estimated time of 8-30 days are items that will be purchased once a withdrawal has been initiated. The purchase process may take as long as 22 days but is usually much shorter. An additional 8 days is added to account for the trade-lock. Once the item is available you will be notified and a trade offer will be made via steam. Users can contact customer support 24/7 should they experience any difficulties.

Withdraw Money

Unfortunately, although you can make real money deposits you are unable to directly withdraw money from your account at CSGOEmpire. If you have winnings from CSGOEmpire.gg match betting or have won a CSGO jackpot you will have to withdraw in either cryptocurrency or skins. Your withdrawal can then be converted to cash on a number of different sites.

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