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CSGOEmpire is a well known CSGO casino where players can deposit skins, real money or cryptocurrency in exchange for coins that can then be used to gamble on the site. A popular promotional feature of the site is their coin rain. At random time intervals that range from 1 to 30 minutes a bot will cause a coin rain to appear in the CSGOEmpire chat room. Any registered user who is in the chat room when the coin rain appears can claim free coins. These coins can then be used to bet on CSGO Coinflip and other games offered on the site. No CSGOEmpire free coins code is necessary to qualify for the coin rain. All that is required is that the user be signed into the site and in the chat room when the random coin rain occurs. Players can still bet on games when chat is open should they choose. Basically you can claim free coins to gamble with at no risk just for being signed into the site.

CSGOEmpire Rain Notifier

In order to participate in the coin rain players must be in the chat room when the rain occurs. If not you will miss out on the free coins. Some people get around this by using a third-party script. Users just have to keep CSGOEmpire running in the background. The CSGOEmpire coin rain script detector will notify users whenever there is a coin rain. It should be noted that this script is not from CSGOEmpire. Although it doesn’t expressly forbid the use of such a script it is likely to be frowned upon. Sites like CSGOEmpire offer promotions to attract players and keep them returning and using a third party script circumvents the purpose. It would be far easier to just have the chat open while you are playing on the site. To get more information on this skin betting website take a look at our CSGOEmpire review and see what all they have to offer.


What is CSGOEmpire coin rain?

Coin rain is a promotional feature that CSGOEmpire uses to encourage players to remain on their site. A coin rain occurs at random intervals and all users who are in the chat room at that time can claim free coins.

How does CSGOEmpire rain bot work?

To qualify for the coin rain users must be signed in and have the chat open. At random intervals ranging from 1 to 30 minutes a bot will cause a coin rain to appear in the chat area. Players with chat open during these random rains can claim free coins.

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